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Why Bulgaria?

Member of the European Community

Bulgaria is one of the 27 member states of the European Community. By not adopting the Euro as a national currency, it has managed to keep the cost of living low and to favor foreign investment.

Lowest taxation in Europe

Bulgaria can boast one of the lowest taxes in Europe, with a fixed rate of 10% for both businesses and individuals. Even skilled labor has a significantly lower cost than that in Italy.

Stable political situation and growing economy

Bulgaria’s policy is favoring foreign investments to attract foreign currency. The government invests great part of the capital in the development of the country’s infrastructure.

Aid to Investing Companies

Foreign companies investing in Bulgaria are supported by a lean and rapid bureaucracy. They can also enjoy both governmental and European incentives.

Strategic geographical location

Bulgaria, located in the heart of Eastern Europe is geographically strategical, connected by a modern motorway network and international flights to/from the capital Sofia.

Basso cosLow cost of living and property

The cost of living is among the lowest in Europe while maintaining high quality standards. Real estate are still very economical, but prices are expected to go up in the future.

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Do you want to move or open a company abroad? Bulgaria has a fixed 10% tax, low labor costs and a strategic position in the heart of Europe.


Do you want to open a professional practice abroad? Bulgaria offers low labor costs, minimal taxation, lean bureaucracy, and trained young people with a great desire to work.

Digital nomads

Working freelance with no fixed abode? Bulgaria offers a taxation of 10%, an Internet infrastructure among the best in Europe and completely online banking services.


Are you a retiree and struggling to arrive at the end of the month? Taxes here are 10% on your gross pension. In Bulgaria, the cost of living is about half that of the Italian.

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Honesty and correctness are our core values in all our professional relationships, and have been guaranteeing our business success for years.

The trust and satisfaction of the parties are two aspects that we try to create and value in our work relationships.

Our team is made up of people who speak Bulgarian, English, Italian, German, Greek and it is therefore very easy for us to assist you in the various business meetings, and also to offer targeted and timely translation services.

We carry out our business in Bulgaria, but we use staff in other European countries to offer, always, the best advice in accordance to customer needs.

  • Reliability

    We take the responsibility that lies with us throughout the counseling period.

  • Professionalism

    A team of highly qualified consultants.

  • Experience

    Consolidated experience gained by working in the industry for years.

  • Expats in Bulgaria

    We are Expats who have been living and working in Bulgaria for years, knowing the local reality well.

Our Services

Establishment of a company in collective name, limited partnership, limited liability and by shares. Customer support for business domiciliation without a physical residency in Bulgaria.

Corporate transfer from abroad to Bulgaria. Tax, Legal and Corporate Assistance.

Transfer of tax residence in Bulgaria to avoid double taxation. Preparation and presentation of bureaucratic paperwork to competent bodies.

Assistance for the opening of personal and corporate bank accounts in local and foreign currency (Leva, Euro, Dollars, Pounds Sterling and others). Activation of online banking and debit/credit cards.

Assistance for registration at the immigration office required for the transfer of residence in Bulgaria. Preparation and submission of necessary documents.

Transferring residence from abroad to Bulgaria necessary for residency registration. Preparation and presentation of bureaucratic documents for the Bulgarian Registry.

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Investire in Bulgaria

Investing in Bulgaria is advantageous and convenient in many ways.

The first certainly concerns Bulgarian taxation, which is one of the lowest in Europe and stands at 10% (explained in detail in this article). This is an important fact that makes us understand how ideal it is to open a company in Bulgaria.

Another point is related to the Bulgarian bureaucracy, which allows a company to be created in a short time and providing facilities of various kinds including European funds to be requested in Bulgaria.

A third reason for investing in Bulgaria is related to the state’s own position. We are, in fact, in a very dynamic area and with a policy aimed at encouraging foreign business; this fact is fundamental to attract investors from all over the world ( more information in this article

The sectors most developed in Bulgaria are those of mechanics, chemistry, tourism, environment, infrastructures, major works and transport. This Bulgarian economic development is destined to last over time, precisely because Bulgaria is in the heart of a very dynamic area, that joins the West to the East but served by an excellent transport network, area where creating a company is really very advantageous.

In recent years, Bulgaria has made substantive reforms in trade legislation, and this has increased the reliability of private contracts. We can therefore definitely talk about an emerging Bulgarian market, where opportunities to do business and to have good opportunities of partnership are high.

But which are the most attractive areas where an Italian entrepreneur could invest in Bulgaria?

Among the first are machinery and equipment, used mainly in the construction market, in the mines and in the food industry (we are talking about figures of around 96 million euros).

There is also an increase in sales of computers, of electronic and of optical products (with a + 29.1% bringing turnover from 44 to 57.6 million euros).

Bulgaria knows and greatly appreciates the advanced Italian technology, the technical characteristics and design, and therefore creating a company in Bulgaria for the production of consumer goods (such as food, agrofood and feedstock industries) is a winning and profitable idea.

The automotive industry is also in expansion and represents another strong point where investing in creating a company can bring great benefits.

Chemical companies are greatly expanded here in Bulgaria, with a recent increase in sales especially of soaps, cosmetics and perfumes.

Textile is also one of the more important products, and there are a large number of Italian companies that have established subsidiaries in Bulgaria for the production of fabrics (revenues amount to around 122 million euros, referring to knitwear, industrial fabrics and yarns).

Another sector that is still expanding but promising is that of food. In recent years, in fact, Bulgaria has developed a remarkable receptivity to the specialties and to the ingredients typical of the Italian cuisine. Among the major products are the espresso, salami, starchy foods and meat. Olive oil also is slowly beginning to enter into the Bulgarian consumer’s eating habits.

Greater opportunities also exist for the creation of farms in Bulgaria, due to the presence of a vast fertile territory that is given under concession. Zootechnics and fruit and vegetables need continuous interventions for a greater development, as well as the fisheries sector which should be enhanced with ad hoc interventions.

Bulgaria is also the second largest exporter in the world of sunflower seeds, and one of the main producers of corn and goose and rabbit meat. Organic farming is also expanding and the number of entrepreneurs in five years has gone from 25 to 4,000.

With the examples quoted, we feel confident to be able to affirm that opening a company in Bulgaria with a targeted business plan and investing in an expanding sector is the right choice for an attentive and far-sighted entrepreneur.

Bulgaria is the future of investments, where opportunities for growth and gain are real and continuous.

Opening a company in Bulgaria is easy, immediate and fast. For the opening of a s.r.l. it is necessary to have a VAT registration and the Vies European Code, and with these you can operate and invoice immediately on the Bulgarian national and international markets (for more information in this article)

Low taxation, lean bureaucracy, facilitations and excellent partnerships: these are the preconditions for creating a business in Bulgaria where success will be assured!